Should you attend to Art School or learn by yourself?

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Art schools can be very expensive and not everybody can afford attending Art School. Luckily being an artist, specially a digital one, does not require any degree. Big studios don’t even care if you are certified. In addition, there are tons of digital artists that have acquired all their knowledge by themselves without the need of going to Art School. However, attending to Art school can bring a lot of benefits and opportunities. We’ll show you some benefits of going to Art school and some benefits of learning by your own.

Advantages of art schools:

A lot of people get a part-time job to cover all their expenses and to pay student loans. However, it’s well-known that going to college or Art school not always is the best option. It depends, some people show a quicker progress studying and practicing by their won, meanwhile other people seem to improve faster attending to a institute. Here are some benefits of attending Art School and some benefits of being self-taught.

  • Professional and personal mentors

A mentor is fundamental to acquire faster all the skills you want to learn. They’ll teach you all kind of techniques and will guide you to the right path. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you can just follow their instructions and ask them as many questions as you want. Having a mentor will definitely save you a lot of time and also will help you to take your artistic skills to the next level.

  • Access to the equipment

An art school would provide you with the equipment that you need. Drawing tablets can be expensive, as well as software, a good computer, a drawing light boxe, and more. In addition, an art school gives you the opportunity to experiment with other mediums and other software that will help you to learn other useful skills.

  • Environment

The environment is structured by art schools to keep the students always motivated by exposing students’ artworks, booking studio tours, making internships and more. Art schools can also offer unique areas to keep students away from distractions of the outside world.

  • Other people that share your passions and goals

In Art school you can meet tons of people that are as passionate as you about art. Having other people that want to do exactly what you want to do, creates a healthy but competitive environment. Likewise, other aspiring artists may lead you to develop new ideas, constructive criticism and a different perspective of your own artwork.

  • Get connections and exposure

Some teachers and staff members are amazing artists and probably have connections in big studios that you would like to work for. If you show them that you are full committed to be the best, they will recommend your work to future clients.

  • Internship and job opportunities

Art related organizations and big studios seek out new talent every year. Art schools teach their students how to create a portfolio and how to present it properly to future clients. Many Art schools also offer career center where students can find employment after graduation or even before.

Remember that working and studying at the same time will be very hard, that’s why your motivation should be strong enough to overcome all the obstacles that you’ll have to face. It is important that you set your goals properly and remind yourself everyday the reason you’re doing all of this.

Advantages of learning by yourself  

  • Variety of courses

There are tons of tutorials and online courses that are very helpful and are not as nearly as expensive as attending to an art school. With online academies such as CGMA classes, Proko, Schoolism, Pencil Kings, Gnomon and more, you can easily acquire tons of useful techniques from the best concept artists, animators, sculptors, illustrators and artists of all disciplines. It’s true that you’d have to pay even more if you want to learn better techniques, some courses can cost 600$ and even more. However they will never be as expensive as an art school semester.

  • Flexibility

You’ll never have to worry about following a schedule, attending classes, being on time, spending money on transportation (or parking if you drive), getting good grades, losing subjects, being forced to learn things that you don’t really care about, and more. In addition, you can spend more time with your family, friends, significant others or any other activity you enjoy.

  • More individual attention

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact your instructor whenever you want via e-mail, many students aren’t comfortable asking questions in public for fear of feeling stupid. Even though you might not receive a fast response, you can ask whatever you want without any fear.

  • Learn to be self-disciplined

If you want to be a successful artist you must stop procrastinating, that’s why being self-taught can be so very useful. Nobody will look over your shoulder to tell you what you have to do. Nobody is forcing you to start practicing. You must take responsibility of everything. This can be extremely beneficial for you, because it’ll help you to be organized with your time. In short, your success dependes on you.

You might be wondering What if the materials are too expensive? Well, even though good art materials may make your life easier, they do not make you an artist. If you are excusing yourself because you don’t have art supplies the you’re making a huge mistake. Everything starts with a paper and a pencil, work with the tools that you have, no matter what kind either traditional or digital tools.

Whatever path you decide to take, you need to understand that you will have to overcome obstacles and make sacrifices. The path of an artist is tough, there are thousands of aspiring artists and talented people that are full committed to be the best. That’s why you must focus on achieving your goals and never get discouraged.