How to not feel embarrassed while drawing in front of others

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If you’re an artist the you’ve probably noticed that people usually stay looking at you while you’re drawing. It’s incredibly annoying and even terrifying having people looking at you meanwhile you’re trying to create something. Not everybody has this problem of feeling embarrassed or even nervous, but it’s a pretty common issue that every artist can relate to.

W’ll tell you some reasons why this might be be so uncomfortable for you, and we’ll give you some tips to overcome this.

The lack of confidence in yourself might be a key factor, this can be caused by prejudges or negative thoughts that lead you to think that you’re not good enough.

It’s is important to understand  that you as an artist have the opportunity to communicate an idea, create an emotion, offer value to the world, teach what you’ve learned and inspire others.

Put aside negative thoughts and turn them into something positive, this can be extremely helpful not only for your career but also your life.

Instead of focusing on your insecurities, go ahead and focus on your artwork, it’s essential to  enjoy the process of improving. If you don’t enjoy the process and you only focus on your goals then it’ll be very hard improving your artistic skills.

There are so many ways to concentrate in your art work, for instance: Concentrate on applying the technique correctly, understand how the lines turn into shapes, watch how the ink slowly gets absorbed by the paper, think about the message that you want to give, think about it as a medium to to express your emotions and experiences.

If none of that works just think about this, when you’re creating something you only thing in two types of people.

Professionals whose artwork is on a different level and makes you feel insignificant and irrelevant.

Common people that make you feel insecure and self conscious about your art.

Well…the truth is that YOU ARE WRONG, a professional knows how hard it is to become an artist so there is a high chance that they not only will try to encourage you to keep practicing and improving, but also give you some advice. So don’t feel embarrassed if a professional wants to see your sketchbook.

On the other hand, if you’re insecure about what common people think about your art YOU ARE ALSO WRONG. People with support and encourage you to follow your dreams and achieve your goals. Of course some of them will to criticize you, but you must know that you can’t let praise or criticism get to you. It’s a weakness to get caught up in either one.

An always remember this: Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate.

So next time you find yourself in a position in which a lot of people are looking at you meanwhile you’re creating something, don’t get nervous! Just focus on your artwork and avoid all kind of negative thoughts.